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Dawngate Description

Are you tired of your favorite multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA)? If yes, then it’s your lucky day. This brand new game will offer an innovative and interactive approach to an established genre.


In Waystone Games’ gaming debut, Dawngate, you can undergo a brand new gameplay experience in an established genre with characteristic gameplay features.

Published by Electronic Arts, this free-to-play game will feel familiar, while simultaneously offering a brand new take on MOBAs. In Dawngate, the community is the major driving force behind the game's story and content. It is up to you to help Waystone Games shape and create an original MOBA with an ever evolving world that fully satisfies your needs as a gamer.

Dawngate offers a lot of freedom in creating customized champions that will represent you in extremely competitive arenas. The free-to-play game features a very well-balanced and flexible META, guaranteeing an empowered gameplay experience.

The game is set in a fantastical universe that features original takes on your favorite fantasy-races and classes. Experience magic and action like never before. Make sure to choose your skills wisely, though, in order to effectively help your team defeat your opponents’ main structure in a variety of very distinct levels that have a lot to offer and discover.

Waystone Games is an innovative and fresh studio, made up of passionate gaming fans themselves. Their goal is to create novel games that combine the best of what video games have been, what they are, and what they can be in the future. Waystone plans on creating fun games that are worth playing.
Electronic Arts is an established publisher of well-known free-to-play online games. Dawngate will line up next to games such as Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Need for Speed World.


Latest from Dawngate
  • Dawngate: Bent Out of Shape - Going Offline in 90 Days

    11/05/2014 05:02 am - Sometimes, we come into the office to be totally taken off guard by certain news in the free-to-play gaming industry. This one was certainly one of them! It seems like Electronic Arts’ and Waystone Games’ MOBA didn’t quite shape up (last pun, we...more

  • Dawngate: Guarding the Tombs of Sunar - Meet Lillin

    10/22/2014 06:54 am - As a holy guard of the ancient tombs of Sunar, Lilliin - The Old Guard is a powerful ranged magician whose abilities mingle well with other magical Shapers (that’s what champions are known as in Dawngate). Having been exiled for her heresy of love,...more

  • Dawngate: Meet Lillin - The Old Guard

    10/22/2014 06:34 am - Another new Shaper has found her way to the free-to-play MOBA. Her name is Lillin and she is a ranged Mage whose sheer power will impress you. Take a closer look at her abilities and find out whether she is a good fit for you...more

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